Why Mykonos villas are the perfect venues for weddings

It goes without saying that a wedding is a truly special moment in a person’s life. It’s the moment where he or she decides to become forever connected with another person and share all joy and pain. It’s a day of celebration and a day that should not be forgotten not just by the couple – who are the “stars” of the evening – but also by the guests that will honor the couple with their presence. This is why couples tend to plan their wedding day for years on end and many actually find this whole process quite stressing, but in a non oppressive or depressing way.

Like we said earlier, when it comes to planning a wedding day, it’s all about making in as memorable as possible. One of the “ingredients” of an unforgettable wedding is definitely the venue, or in other words the place where the ceremony will take place. A lot of couples are looking for the most picturesque landscapes and churches to get married in. They are also looking for a beautiful and luxurious venue for the reception that will take place after the ceremony in order to celebrate the union of the couple. The quest for the perfect venue might take the couple to some places that they had never heard of before. Nowadays, a lot of couples actually choose to get married in another country.

Weddings in Mykonos

Greece has always been a very popular tourist destination mainly because of its gorgeous beaches and picturesque landscapes. Lately however, this small European country is also attracting another type of visitors: couples that are looking to get married! Most of the couples that come to Greece in order to get married choose a very particular destination for the “big day”: the small island of Mykonos. What makes Mykonos the perfect destination for wedding though? Let’s find out!

The perfect combination of beauty and luxury

What sets Mykonos apart from other islands in the Aegean Sea, is the fact that the island is known for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages. Mykonos might be a destination known for its extravagance – more on that later – but it has managed to maintain its natural beauty and character intact. The island is full of gorgeous beaches and scenic villages. If someone asks you to close your eyes and picture a Greek island, chances are that you’ll picture Mykonos without even knowing it. Needless to say, that the islands gorgeous landscapes and sunsets are the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony and beautiful photos.

Myconian villas: the perfect wedding venues in Mykonos

What really makes Mykonos such a popular wedding destination however, is the fact that this tiny island is full of extremely luxurious villas. Mykonos villas are some of the most famous in the world, known for their perfect combination of elegance and extravagance. They are nearly all designed by architects and designers that are the best in their fields and as a result, they are all gorgeous to look at, which makes them the ideal venue for a wedding. Furthermore, most villas are located on huge properties that feature swimming pools, barbeque areas and lush gardens which makes them an ideal venue for the wedding reception. In other words, you can have both the wedding and the reception at the same place and it will still be the most unforgettable experience.

Mykonos villas can be rented for a summer vacation or as a venue for various events and receptions. Since Mykonos is such a popular wedding destination, there are many wedding planning businesses on the island and they will make sure that everything will go off without a hitch in your wedding day.

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