3 reasons why honeymoons in Greece are the best

When it comes to planning a honeymoon trip, the choice of destination is not just the first step, it is also the most important step by far, since it is the one that will determine how memorable and perfect this once in a lifetime trip will be. This is the main reason why many couples are choosing an exotic destination for their honeymoon. However, during the last few years, honeymoons in Greece are becoming more and more popular. Thousands of couples choose to spend their vacation on one of the many and very beautiful Greek islands, but why is that?

Easy to get to

Trips to exotic destinations are by definition long and quite expensive, those places are called exotic for a reason, after all. Greece is located in Europe and is visited by millions of people every year, thus it is easy to get to and trips there are also relatively cheap. Prices do go a bit up during the summer, but they never become unaffordable. Furthermore, since Greece is a member of the EU, one does not need to through hoops like obtaining a visa to enter the country. In most cases a valid passport or piece of photo identity is enough.

Many destinations to choose from

What makes Greece stand out is the fact that although it is a relatively small country, it is full of popular tourist and honeymoon destinations. Like we said earlier, the country has a great number of islands and each one of them comes with its own atmosphere and personality. Some, like Santorini and Milos, are known for their unique landscapes and beauty while others, like Mykonos and Skiathos, are known for their vibrant nightlife, exclusive night clubs and celebrity tourists. No matter how you have dreamt of spending your honeymoon, chances are that in Greece you will find the perfect place that will make your dream come true. If you are looking for an agency that offers honeymoon packages and cruises click here and book your own today.

Affordable luxury

Since Greece is a very popular with regular tourists and honeymooners alike, it goes without saying that country is home to many luxurious hotels and unique Air BnBs. What makes Greece stand out from other countries that offer similar accommodations though is the fact that staying in those hotels is relatively affordable, even during the high season. This means that if you have ever dreamt of spending your honeymoon in luxury, Greece might be the perfect destination! ProTip: Book your room fast because finding a room during the high season can be really hard!

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