5 ideas for an unforgettable honeymoon in Mediterranean Sea

Honeymoon is a journey to remember. You can both relax at a beach together far away from pretty much everyone and everything else, you can explore new places or you can join a group to an organized excursion.

Here are the best ideas to enjoy a memorable honeymoon in Mediterranean:

  1. Drink a glass of wine in the largest desert in the world, Sahara Desert in Egypt.

What’s best than enjoying the emptiness of Sahara Desert with the love of your life? You will experience the absence of civilization and you will feel that you are alone in the world! You can rent a spider buggy car in order to explore the desert and when you will find a spot where your eyes will see sand dunes till the horizon you will enjoy your private picnic. Do not forget to explore some of the most famous cities like Cairo and Luxor during your visit!

  • Take a Turkish bath in a spa at a Bodrum resort, Turkey

If you are into a romantic massage then you have to forget this experience.  Traditional Turkish bath or hammam is a different kind of spa where the masseur will wash and massage you. The procedure is very specific and it will make you feel as you live in ottoman empire during the 16th century. Turkey is a beautiful controversy country where tradition meets modern life. Are you ready to feel it?

  • Swim with caretta-caretta in Laganas Bay, Zante

If you feel quite adventurer you don’t have to reach Phi Phi Islands! Greece is nearest and it has it all! Zante is a small island which is located in the southwest of Ionian Sea.  Here, it is protected the endangered sea turtle Caretta-caretta. If you visit the island from June to September you will have the chance to see the nests, the babies and the adult’s counterpart of this magnificent animal! You can scuba dive by yourselves or as part of a larger group in order to explore the undersea of Laganas Bay and swim with some sea turtles! It will be a truly unique experience!

  • Explore King’s Landing of Games of Thrones in Dubrovnik, Kroatia

If you are a GOT fun this is your chance! Grab a ticket and go to Dubrovnik! This city is a live set of GOT and you will be thrilled by the variety of the sceneries! Impressive castles, deep blue sea, traditional marketplaces create an ideal destination for honeymoon! You will taste traditional food, you will relax in nearby beaches and the most important, you will take photos as the Lannisters, in front of the best memorable places of your favorite Tv series!  So, if you passed last winter in front HBO this is your romantic place to be!

  • Explore different cultures in a Mediterranean cruise

Do you feel exhausted by wedding preparations? You don’t feel ready to organize your honeymoon and you can’t decide where to go? Then, this is the option for you! Get ready for an on-board vacation! Restaurants, cafes, theatres, gyms, spas, hair salons and shops will make your honeymoon an oasis of leisure! Cruises offer a wide range of activities, hobbies and ideas to entertain you on board while they stop by many different countries. You can visit the art deco Barcelona in Spain, explore some of the most famous cities of South France, or taste an authentic pizza in Naples, Italy!

So whatever you choose do not forget to enjoy your honeymoon! After all, if you are together, you will have fun everywhere, don’t you?

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